Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
LatBuilder::LatSeq Namespace Reference

Sequences of Lattices. More...


class  CBC
 Sequence of lattice definitions obtained by appending a variable component to a base genrating vector. More...
class  Combiner
 Sequence of lattices based on a combination of integer sequences. More...
class  Korobov
 Sequence of Korobov lattices. More...


template<LatType LAT, class GENSEQ >
CBC< LAT, GENSEQ > cbc (LatDef< LAT > baseLat, GENSEQ genSeq)
 Creates a CBC lattice sequence.
template<template< class > class POLICY, LatType LAT, class GENSEQ >
Combiner< LAT, GENSEQ, POLICY > combine (SizeParam< LAT > size, std::vector< GENSEQ > genSeqs)
 Creates a lattice sequence based on a combination of sequences of integers.
template<LatType LAT, class GENSEQ >
Korobov< LAT, GENSEQ > korobov (const SizeParam< LAT > &size, const GENSEQ &genSeqs, Dimension dimension)
 Creates a Korobov lattice sequence.

Detailed Description

Sequences of Lattices.

Not to be confused with sequences of lattice points.