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LatBuilder::MeritFilter< LAT > Class Template Reference

Generic filter wrapper for merit values. More...

#include <MeritFilter.h>

Inherits LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilter< LAT >.

Public Types

typedef BasicMeritFilter< LAT >::InputMeritValue MeritValue
typedef BasicMeritFilter< LAT >::LatDef LatDef
typedef std::function< bool(Real &)> Filter
 Filter function type. More...
- Public Types inherited from LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilter< LAT >
typedef MeritFilterTraits< LAT >::MeritValue InputMeritValue
typedef MeritFilterTraits< OUT >::MeritValue OutputMeritValue
typedef LatBuilder::LatDef< LAT > LatDef

Public Member Functions

 MeritFilter (Filter filter, std::string name="<unknown filter>")
 Constructor. More...
MeritValue operator() (const MeritValue &merit, const LatDef &lat) const
 Filters the merit value merit.
std::string name () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilter< LAT >
virtual OutputMeritValue operator() (const InputMeritValue &, const LatDef &) const =0

Detailed Description

template<LatType LAT>
class LatBuilder::MeritFilter< LAT >

Generic filter wrapper for merit values.

Template Parameters
MERITType of merit value.

For embedded lattices, the filter is applied to each per-level merit value independently. For ordinary lattices, the filer is applied to the single merit value.

This class template is useful to reuse the same code to apply the filter to a single merit value or to embedded merit values.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<LatType LAT>
typedef std::function<bool (Real&)> LatBuilder::MeritFilter< LAT >::Filter

Filter function type.

Expected to return true if and only if the merit value is accepted.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<LatType LAT>
LatBuilder::MeritFilter< LAT >::MeritFilter ( Filter  filter,
std::string  name = "<unknown filter>" 


filterFilter callable.
nameDescription string for the filter.

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