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LatBuilder::Traversal::Random< RAND > Class Template Reference

Random traversal type. More...

#include <Traversal.h>

Inherited by LatBuilder::Traversal::Policy< SEQ, Random< RAND > >.

Public Types

typedef size_t size_type
 Size type.
typedef RAND RandomGenerator
 Type of the pseudo-random number generator.

Public Member Functions

 Random (size_type size=std::numeric_limits< size_type >::max(), RandomGenerator rand=RandomGenerator())
 Constructor. More...
size_t size () const
 Returns the traversal size.
void resize (size_type size)
 Changes the traversal size to size.
const RandomGeneratorrandomGenerator () const
 Returns the random generator.
RandomGeneratorrandomGenerator ()
 Returns the random generator.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string name ()

Protected Attributes

RandomGenerator m_rand
size_type m_size

Detailed Description

template<typename RAND>
class LatBuilder::Traversal::Random< RAND >

Random traversal type.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename RAND>
LatBuilder::Traversal::Random< RAND >::Random ( size_type  size = std::numeric_limits<size_type>::max(),
RandomGenerator  rand = RandomGenerator() 


randRandom number generator.
sizeTraversal size: number of sequence values to be randomly visited.

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