Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT > Class Template Referenceabstract

Base class for search tasks. More...

#include <Search.h>

Inherits LatBuilder::Task::Task.

Inherited by LatBuilder::Task::Extend< LAT, COMPRESS, FIGURE >.


class  MinObserver
 Observer of the MinElement functor. More...

Public Types

typedef boost::signals2::signal< void(const Search &)> OnLatticeSelected

Public Member Functions

 Search (Dimension dimension)
 Search (Search &&other)
Dimension dimension () const
 Returns the dimension.
const MeritFilterList< LAT > & filters () const
 Returns the filters of merit transformations.
MeritFilterList< LAT > & filters ()
 Returns the filters of merit transformations. More...
const LatDef< LAT > & bestLattice () const
 Returns the best lattice found by the search task.
Real bestMeritValue () const
 Returns the best merit value found by the search task.
const Functor::MinElement< Real > & minElement () const
MinObserverminObserver ()
 Returns the minimum-element observer.
const MinObserverminObserver () const
OnLatticeSelected & onLatticeSelected ()
 Lattice-selected signal. More...
const OnLatticeSelected & onLatticeSelected () const
virtual const FigureOfMeritfigureOfMerit () const =0
virtual void execute ()=0
 Executes the search task. More...
virtual void reset ()
 Initializes the best lattice and merit value.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void format (std::ostream &os) const
void selectBestLattice (const LatDef< LAT > &lattice, Real merit)
 Selects a new best lattice and emits an OnLatticeSelected signal.

Detailed Description

template<LatType LAT>
class LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >

Base class for search tasks.

Template Parameters
LATType of lattice.

Member Function Documentation

template<LatType LAT>
virtual void LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::execute ( )
pure virtual

Executes the search task.

The best lattice and merit value are set in the process.

Implements LatBuilder::Task::Task.

Implemented in LatBuilder::Task::Extend< LAT, COMPRESS, FIGURE >.

template<LatType LAT>
MeritFilterList<LAT>& LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::filters ( )

Returns the filters of merit transformations.

template<LatType LAT>
OnLatticeSelected& LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::onLatticeSelected ( )

Lattice-selected signal.

Emitted when a lattice has been selected by the search algorithm.

Referenced by LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::selectBestLattice().

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