Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
LatBuilder::CompressTraits< Compress::NONE > Struct Template Reference

No compression. More...

#include <CompressTraits.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr bool symmetric ()
static size_t size (size_t n)
 Returns n.
static size_t compressIndex (size_t i, size_t n)
 Returns i.
static constexpr const char * name ()
 Returns "none".
static int indexCompressionRatio (size_t i, size_t n)
 Returns 1.
static int levelCompressionRatio (Modulus base, Level level)
 Returns 1.

Detailed Description

struct LatBuilder::CompressTraits< Compress::NONE >

No compression.

Without compression, the virtual vector is identical to the stored vector. No index conversion is necessary.

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