Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilterList< LAT > Class Template Reference

Container class for merit filters. More...

#include <MeritFilterList.h>

Public Types

typedef BasicMeritFilter< LAT > Filter
typedef Filter::InputMeritValue MeritValue
typedef Filter::LatDef LatDef
typedef std::list< std::unique_ptr< Filter > > FilterList
typedef boost::signals2::signal< void(const LatDef &)> OnReject
 Type of signal emitted when a merit value is rejected.

Public Member Functions

 BasicMeritFilterList ()
bool empty () const
 Returns true if and only if the list of filters is empty.
OnRejectonReject () const
 Reject signal. More...
const FilterList & filters () const
Setup functions
void add (std::unique_ptr< Filter > filter)
 Appends a filter for scalar merit values. More...

Protected Member Functions

MeritValue apply (MeritValue merit, const LatDef &lat) const

Detailed Description

template<LatType LAT>
class LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilterList< LAT >

Container class for merit filters.

Member Function Documentation

template<LatType LAT>
void LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilterList< LAT >::add ( std::unique_ptr< Filter filter)

Appends a filter for scalar merit values.

filterFilter function/functor to add.
template<LatType LAT>
OnReject& LatBuilder::BasicMeritFilterList< LAT >::onReject ( ) const

Reject signal.

Emitted when the a value in the output sequence is rejected by a filter.

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