Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
LatBuilder::Functor Namespace Reference

Various functors. More...


class  AllOf
 Returns true if all of the elements evaluate to true or if there are no elements. More...
struct  BernoulliPoly
 Bernoulli polynomial. More...
class  LowPass
 Low pass filter. More...
struct  Max
 Scalar max binary operator. More...
struct  MinElement
 Minimum element functor. More...
class  PAlpha
 One-dimensional merit function for the \(\mathcal P_\alpha\) discrepancy. More...
struct  Pow
 Raise to power. More...
struct  Sum
 Scalar sum binary operator. More...


 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (2, x *(x-1.0)+(1.0/6.0))
 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (3,((2.0 *x-3.0)*x+1.0)*x *0.5)
 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (4,((x-2.0)*x+1.0)*x *x-(1.0/30.0))
 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (5,(((x-2.5)*x+(5.0/3.0))*x *x-(1.0/6.0))*x)
 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (6,(((x-3.0)*x+2.5)*x *x-0.5)*x *x+(1.0/42.0))
 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (7,((((x-3.5)*x+3.5)*x *x-7.0/6.0)*x *x+(1.0/6.0))*x)
 DEFINE_BERNOULLI_POLY (8,((((x-4.0)*x+(14.0/3.0))*x *x-(7.0/3.0))*x *x+(2.0/3.0))*x *x-(1.0/30.0))
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const PAlpha &functor)
 Formats functor and outputs it on os.

Detailed Description

Various functors.