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LatBuilder::Task::LatSeqBasedSearch< TAG > Class Template Reference

Search task based on a sequence of lattices. More...

#include <LatSeqBasedSearch.h>

Inherits Search< TAG >.

Public Types

typedef LatSeqBasedSearchTraits< TAG > Traits
typedef Traits::Storage Storage
typedef Traits::CBC CBC
typedef CBC::FigureOfMerit FigureOfMerit

Public Member Functions

 LatSeqBasedSearch (Storage storage, Dimension dimension, FigureOfMerit figure, Traits traits=Traits())
 LatSeqBasedSearch (LatSeqBasedSearch &&other)
virtual void execute ()
const Storage & storage () const
 Returns a pointer to the storage configuration instance.
const FigureOfMerit & figureOfMerit () const
 Returns the figure of merit.
const MeritSeq::LatSeqOverCBC< CBC > & latSeqOverCBC () const
 Returns the internal lattice sequence.
const CBC & cbc () const
 Returns the internal CBC instance.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void format (std::ostream &os) const

Detailed Description

template<class TAG>
class LatBuilder::Task::LatSeqBasedSearch< TAG >

Search task based on a sequence of lattices.

Template Parameters
TAGTag class.

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