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Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::MinObserver Class Reference

Observer of the MinElement functor. More...

#include <Search.h>

Public Member Functions

 MinObserver (size_t maxAcceptedCount=std::numeric_limits< size_t >::max(), size_t maxTotalCount=std::numeric_limits< size_t >::max())
void setMaxAcceptedCount (size_t maxCount)
void setMaxTotalCount (size_t maxCount)
void setTruncateSum (bool value)
 Sets the truncate-sum flag to value. More...
void start ()
void stop ()
 Reset the low-pass filter when min-element stops.
bool visited (const Real &)
template<LatType L>
void reject (const LatDef< L > &lat)
void minUpdated (const Real &newMin)
 Updates the threshold of the low-pass filter with the new observed minimum value.
size_t maxAcceptedCount () const
size_t maxTotalCount () const
size_t acceptedCount () const
size_t rejectedCount () const
size_t totalCount () const
bool progress (const Real &merit) const
 Applies the low-pass filter if the truncate-sum flag is on. More...
bool progress (const RealVector &) const
 Does nothing.
const Functor::LowPass< Real > & lowPass () const

Detailed Description

template<LatType LAT>
class LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::MinObserver

Observer of the MinElement functor.

It allows for counting accepted/rejected elements, and for optionally truncating the sum over projections if, during its term-by-term evaluation, the partial sum reaches a value superior to the current minimum value. The default behavior is not to truncate the sum.

Member Function Documentation

template<LatType LAT>
bool LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::MinObserver::progress ( const Real merit) const

Applies the low-pass filter if the truncate-sum flag is on.

The low-pass filter is bypassed for embedded lattices.

template<LatType LAT>
void LatBuilder::Task::Search< LAT >::MinObserver::setTruncateSum ( bool  value)

Sets the truncate-sum flag to value.

Defaults to false.

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