An OpenCL library for random number generators (RNG)
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clrngStream Struct Reference

Stream object [device]. More...

#include <clRNG_template.h>

Detailed Description

Stream object [device].

A structure that contains the current information on a stream object. It generally depends on the type of generator. It typically stores the current state, the initial state of the stream, and the initial state of the current substream.

The device API offers a variant of this struct definition called clrngHostStream to receive stream objects from the host. Stream objects, as defined on the device, do not store as much information as stream objects on the host, but keep pointers to relevant information from the host stream object. The definition of the clrngStream type on the device also depends on whether substreams support is required by the user (with the CLRNG_ENABLE_SUBSTREAMS option).
MultiStream/multistream.c, and RandomArray/randomarray.c.

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