Call Center Staffing Optimizer with GUI

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This program optimizes the staffing of a call center with 1 call type, 1 agent group and multiple periods. It minimizes the number of agents for each period. while satisfying the constraints that are defined on the service levels and average waiting times. The problem does not consider any shift structure, and all agents have the same cost per period.

This program uses the library ContactCenters to model and simulate the call centers. For the convenience of the user, we include all the required JAR files in the distribution folder.


Version 1.00

Download jar file: GUIStaffing.jar.
Download distribution HERE.
Download example files HERE.

View the Quick user's guide.

How to run the program

Execute the file GUIStaffing.jar in Windows Explorer by double clicking on the file.
Or in a terminal (or in a command line in Windows), type:

java -jar GUIStaffing.jar

Note: the lib folder must be present in the same directory as the file GUIStaffing.jar. For example, if GUIStaffing.jar is located at C:\Staffing\GUIStaffing.jar, then the lib directory must located at C:\Staffing\lib.

Otherwise, the user will need to add the file GUIStaffing.jar and all jar files present in the lib folder to their CLASSPATH environment variable. To run the program, execute in a terminal (or command line):

java staffing.estimation.GuiFrame


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Simulation lab at DIRO -

Last update: 2015-01-07