Tcode source code

Tcode is a small program that creates a Java file from an associated LaTex file. All our code is written in LaTex format with special commands that allows Tcode to extract the Java code from the LaTex file. After which, Javadoc and LaTeX2HTML will create the HTML documentation.This guarantees that the source code and its documentation will never diverge.

Tcode (see copyright here) is released under the GPL licence from GNU.

Here is the source code for Tcode. The user guide for Tcode is the file tcode.pdf included in the distribution.

SSJ source code

The primary source code for SSJ is given in sets of LaTex files. Special programs will create the Java source code, the pdf and the HTML documentations from these LaTex files. The small program Tcode will create the Java source files of the packages in SSJ from the corresponding LaTex files. Both the LaTex and the Java source files are included here in this distribution. The library tcode.jar is included in the Tcode distribution. It must be added in the CLASSPATH variable.

There is a file build.xml in the main directory of SSJ that is used by ant to compile the Java source files and to create the pdf and HTML documentation. By calling

ant lib

ant will first call tcode to create the Java files from the more recent associated LaTex files (the existing Java files will be overwritten), and then will compile the Java source files to update (or create) the library ssj.jar. Calling

ant doc

will update the pdf and the HTML documentation files. The user will need to download a few LaTex files to compile the documentation. He will also needs the program LaTeX2HTML to translate the latex documentation into HTML format.

Here is the source code for SSJ.