Using SSJ with JCreator

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The easiest way to use SSJ with JCreator is to add the Java archives of SSJ to the default JDK profile. SSJ can then be accessed from any JCreator project. This can be done as follows.

When JCreator is started, a window similar to the following figure appears.

The main window of JCreator

The user then selects the Options command from the Configure menu. In the window that appears, the user then selects JDK Profiles and picks up the profile corresponding to its JDK. The obtained window should be similar to the next figure.

JDK Profiles in JCreator

The user then clicks on the Edit button to edit the selected JDK profile. This pops up a dialog box similar to the next figure.

Dialog box for editing a JDK profile in JCreator

The user clicks on the Add button, and selects Add archive.... In the dialog box that comes up, all the archive files in the lib subdirectory of SSJ must be selected.

After all dialog boxes are closed using their Ok buttons, JCreator is now ready to be used with SSJ.