Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
Lattice Builder Web Application

A cross-platform web interface to Lattice Builder is included in the binary packages.

It requires Python (version 2.7 or later) to be run. A connection to the Internet is also necessary to display the mathematical symbols. It can be launched by executing the script that can be found under the bin directory of the package. The latbuilder executable program must lie in the same directory as the for the latter to be able to find the former. Once launched, the script runs a web server on the local machine which listen to connections to If the port 8080 is not available for the script, another port will be chosen and indicated in the script output in the console.

The web application allows the user to specify lattice, figure of merit and construction method parameters, including the weights to be used in the figure of merit. When the user clicks on the Search button at the bottom, the web application transparently invokes the Lattice Builder command-line with the appropriate options and reports the results at the bottom of the page. After a successful search, the actual command line that was used can be displayed by clicking on the Command Line link at the bottom of the results panel.

The interface should be intuitive enough for most users.