Lattice Builder Manual
Software Package for Constructing Rank-1 Lattices
Lattice Types and Definitions

Lattice Builder supports two types of lattices: ordinary and embedded.

Their representation in Lattice Builder differs only by the type of their size parameter. The size of an ordinary lattice (of type SizeParam<LatType::ORDINARY>) is specified by a single integer: the number of points in the lattice \(n\). The size of an embedded lattice (of type SizeParam<LatType::EMBEDDED>) is specified by two integers: a prime base \(b\) and a maximum level \(m\), such that, for the embedded lattice at the maximum level, \(n = b^m\).

A lattice of either type can be defined by its size parameter(s) together with its dimension \(s\) and the components of its generating vector \(\boldsymbol a = (a_1, \dots, a_s)\). The class LatDef can be used for that purpose, as in tutorial/ The following function calls some members of LatDef:

template <LatType L>
void printLatDef(const LatDef<L>& def)
std::cout << " dimension: " << def.dimension() << std::endl;
std::cout << " size parameter: " << def.sizeParam() << std::endl;
std::cout << " generating vector: " << def.gen() << std::endl;
std::cout << " definition: " << def << std::endl;

An ordinary lattice can be instantiated by passing the LatDef constructor a size parameter, here with \(n=31\), and a generating vector, here \(\boldsymbol a = (1,12,3)\):

auto ordinary = createLatDef(SizeParam<LatType::ORDINARY>(31), {1, 12, 3});
std::cout << "ordinary lattice:" << std::endl;

This outputs:

ordinary lattice:
    dimension:         3
    size parameter:    31
    generating vector: [1, 12, 3]
    definition:        lattice(31, [1, 12, 3])

Embedded lattices with \(n=b^\ell\) for \(\ell=0,\dots,m\) can be instantiated by passing the LatDef constructor a size parameter \((b,m)\), here \((b,m)=(2,5)\), and a generating vector, here \(\boldsymbol a = (1,7,9)\):

auto embedded = createLatDef(SizeParam<LatType::EMBEDDED>(2, 5), {1, 7, 9});
std::cout << "embedded lattice:" << std::endl;

This outputs:

embedded lattice:
    dimension:         3
    size parameter:    2^5
    generating vector: [1, 7, 9]
    definition:        lattice(2^5, [1, 7, 9])

Note that the size parameter for the embedded lattice:

SizeParam<LatType::EMBEDDED>(2, 5)

could also have been instantiated directly with the number of points ( \(2^5=32\)):

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